Policy Aware Web

A collaboration between MINDSWAP and DIG to work toward Creating the Policy-Aware Web: Discretionary, Rules-based Access for the World Wide Web, funded under NSF ITR 04-012 . Those interested in this project should also be aware of the Transparent Accountable Datamining Initiative (TAMI).

Nov 2006, Proof-of-Concept Implementation Complete

Notes from Jan 2006 meeting in College Park, MD

Notes from Aug 2005 meeting in Cambridge, MA

See also: cwm-dev plans, including every-other-week cwm-dev/paw meetings.

Notes from Feb 2005 meeting in Cambridge, MA

policy aware web architecture diagram

An architecture diagram from our Feb 2005 meeting.

policy aware web group

Try FilmTrust, a nearby project.

paw team: see dev notes to get started working in this space. site admin notes are also available.

by Dan Connolly, for the PAW team, Feb 2005
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